Our Strategy

Our strategy

Independent Clinical Services
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The ICS group of companies provide temporary staff to cover holidays and sickness and, while this is still a key part of our business, we have continued to expand and diversify into new growth markets. Today, ICS leads the UK healthcare staffing and services market, with a workforce of over 1,700 people.

We have based our offering around four areas: staffing, community and complex care, managed services and managed health services, chosen for their growth potential.


A greater demand for healthcare professionals over the coming years is inevitable, with anticipated increases in conditions such as obesity and diabetes, as well as an ageing and growing population. NHS healthcare staffing numbers are increasing, as are the number of clinical trials. ICS, with our geographical expansion plans and proven ability in sourcing for niche and skill shortage areas, is perfectly placed to meet these market demands.

Community and complex care

An increase in community care services, part of a Department of Health strategy launched in 2009, was reaffirmed in the 2013 NHS mandate. We have responded to the fast-growing demand for care outside hospital by investing heavily in the development of our community and complex care division, which focuses on delivering safe and compassionate care with increased patient choice and empowerment.

Managed services

Increased scrutiny across NHS clinical and nurse staffing ratios, and a drive to save billions within the NHS for reinvestment, has resulted in the need for more efficient contingency staffing within trusts. ICS works in partnership with trusts, putting processes in place that give them visibility and control over their temporary and bank staff. As a result, clients see the right number of staff on their wards and consistently high standards of patient centred care.

Managed health services

There is a recognised need for the NHS, public and private organisations to focus on promoting wellness and reducing the costs associated with poor health. It is estimated that the cost of illness resulting from health inequality costs the NHS well in excess of £5.5 billion per year. There are also major gains to be made for employers, who pay sick pay and associated costs of £9 billion a year and for the State, which spends £13 billion annually on health-related benefits. We understand this focus and have created a division within the business with many years experience dedicated to the prevention of disease and the promotion of health across populations, working in partnership with commissioners, employers and healthcare stakeholders.

The current picture for agencies

As the UK’s leading provider of staffing across the UK health sector, ICS is in a strong position to tell the agency story, having lived through numerous government reports, strategies and budgets, all aiming to provide world class healthcare at reasonable cost. Please read our 'Flexibility in staffing the health service - the agency perspective' report.

We will continue to grow and diversify the markets we serve, becoming the number one provider of complex and community healthcare by recruiting and retaining the best people.